Abritus – mysticism and reality

Ancient writers mention Abritus in connection with the battle of 251 of the Roman army led by Emperor Trajan Decius and his son Herennius Etruscus with the Goths. The battle ended with the defeat of the Romans and the death of the emperor and his son.


The treasure of golden coins of Abritus
is the largest one in Bulgaria
from the period of Late Antiquity


Architecture in Abritus


Bronze stereotype plates
with images of different


National archaeological Reserve "Abritus"
Project "Abritus - mysticism and reality"


News and Events

Welcome to the new website developed under project "Abritus – mysticism and reality"

The implementation of the project aims to respond to the interest towards the rich cultural and historical heritage of Razgrad Region.

Promotional event "Military assembly at the camp of Trajan Decuis”

On November 2th 2014 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. an event reconstruction under the heading of “Military assembly at the camp of Trajan Decius” will take place.

Tourist itineraries

Four thematic tourist itineraries have been developed on the territory of Abritus Archeological Reserve

Museums in Razgrad

Abritus Archeological Reserve and Abritus Museum are parts of Razgrad Regional Historical Museum

The treasure of golden coins of Abritus

In 1971 a large collection of 835 golden coins was discovered during archeological excavations.

Art in ancient Abritus

Stone processing was probably the most widely practiced art in ancient Abritus.

Exhibits from the museum collection