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Targets of the project

„Abritus –mysticism and reality”

General target

The target of the project is to develop the National Archeological Reserve “Abritus Ancient Complex” (Abritus NAR) as a tourist product and to attract a significant number of visitors as a basis for sustainable development of tourism in Razgrad Municipality. The improvement, conservation and restoration of the separate buildings and the fortress wall of the cultural heritage site – the ancient city of Abritus - and the public infrastructure connected with them encourage the development of specialized products of cultural tourism. The project proposal aims at overcoming the disparity between the rich resource potential and the absence of a developed attraction which is adjusted to modern market requirements and which exhibits the architectural monuments of culture in Abritus Reserve in a way that guarantees their wide popularity and economic viability and at the same time secures equal access for people with disabilities.
As a part of the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria Abritus NAR possesses significant tourist potential. The improvement and development of this tourist attraction, as well as of the infrastructure connected with it corresponds to the general and specific targets of Regional Development Operational Programme and of its strategy executed through the activities contemplated under Priority axis 3 “Sustainable Development Of Tourism”, namely: through development of tourist attractions and the infrastructure connected with them to extend the territorial scope of tourism, to diminish concentration of tourist activities, to mobilize regional and local technical and institutional capabilities and resources, to implement policies for regional development and thus to contribute to the economic diversity of Bulgarian Regions.

Specific targets:

•    To develop Abritus National Archeological Reserve in Razgrad as a competitive cultural and historical attraction through integrated development of the cultural heritage sites on the territory of Abritus Late Antiquity city – re-conservation and exhibition of the fortress wall and “building X”, conservation and restoration works and exhibition of archeological site “building No. VIII” and of the two basilicas in the Christian cult complex that have the potential to attract a large number of visitors.
•    To support the tourist location Abritus NAR that has a significant tourist potential by securing the access of visitors, including visitors with disabilities, to the exhibited archeological items and the interactive sites with animation, sounds and light that supplement the tourist attraction and correspond to the cultural and historical significance of Abritus Archeological Reserve, as well as to provide information to potential visitors in the newly-created information center at the reception area.

•    To implement an integrated marketing and advertising campaign aiming at efficient promotion and positioning of the tourist product and attraction Abritus National Archeological Reserve. The marketing and advertising mix of activities will focus on presenting the unique regional identity and advantages of the cultural and historical attraction. To achieve efficient as direct as possible communication with target groups and to use innovative means of advertising to present the destination. Each component of the marketing and advertising mix shall suitably combine with the others in order to achieve the effect of compex advertising message.
•    Project implementation will contribute to restoring, preserving and presenting the cultural and historical attraction – Abritus Archeological Reserve – in a new integrated and interactive manner and to achieving an overall architectural image of the Reserve complex. The adequate structural framework of access to the exhibited archeological items will provide for the overall perception of the site and the realization of its spatial structure. The application of different multimedia devices and informative and educational elements will spark the interest of the general public, including children, for archeological values and history.
•    The effect of project implementation will be felt in improving the cultural environment, it will facilitate the sustainable development of tourism and will directly contribute to raising the attractiveness and competitiveness of Razgrad Municipality both in national and European scale.


The identified target groups and final beneficiaries of the project are communities that are expected to make a long-term sustainable use of the project results and of the portfolio of advertising materials, namely:
•    Tourists, guests and visitors of the region;
•    Tour operators, tourist agents and agencies;
•    Museum workers, experts in the field of culture and tourism;
•    Potential investors, tourist entertainers, the tourism field and industry;
•    Municipal administration, members of the project team;
•    Cultural institutions, authors of tourist guides;
•    Media, journalists;
•    General public